Cocktail Starter Kit

Product image 1Cocktail Starter Kit
Product image 2Cocktail Starter Kit
Product image 3Cocktail Starter Kit
Product image 4Cocktail Starter Kit
Product image 5Cocktail Starter Kit
Product image 6Cocktail Starter Kit

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The cocktail has been an integral part of nightlife for the past 200+ years.  By a number of accounts, the Sazerac, which was invented around 1800 in New Orleans, was the world's first cocktail.  Bartenders in the French Quarter combined Cognac, Absinthe, one sugar cube and 3 dashes of bitters to create a type of drink that would change after dinner parties forever.

Since then, cocktailing has evolved into a giant industry and a staple of American leisure time.  But even though you can find cocktails at any occasion, for a non-professional, building a cocktail can be overwhelming.  It is an art form that can seem daunting to the newcomer.

That is where Portland Syrups comes in.  All of our flavors are made to stand on their own as well as pair with spirits to make fun, creative, delicious mixed drinks.

This kit is made for anyone wanting to create amazing drinks at home with simple, delicious ingredients.

The Cocktail Starter Kit includes:

Total Value:  $102  and all for just $85 including free shipping!


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