The Super Soda Sipper

Product image 1The Super Soda Sipper
Product image 2The Super Soda Sipper
Product image 3The Super Soda Sipper
Product image 4The Super Soda Sipper
Product image 5The Super Soda Sipper

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Portland Syrups was originally called Portland Soda Works and in our initial business plan we were going to create a line of ready to drink sodas.  What we quickly realized was that the only way to sustainably produce a ready to drink soda was with massive scale and lots of cash.  We had neither of those things so we stuck with what we did best and pivoted to concentrates.

Also, with concentrates you arn't buying the water, you are buying the flavor!

In that spirit, this kit is for the soda enthusiasts out there.  These are great for anyone with access to sparkling water; whether that is a home carbonation system, a SodaStream or just some liters of sparkle water.

The Super Soda Sipper includes:

12oz bottle of Authentic Ginger (best ginger ale ever!)

12oz bottle of Genuine Root Beer (Rich, layered flavor)

12oz bottle of True Cola (this isn't artificial Coke or Pepsi, but whole ingredient cola how it was back in 1880)

12oz bottle of Meyer Lemon (Fanta, Squirt and Sprite, but how they all should taste)

That's a $56 value for just $44

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