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Elevate your cocktails with our brand new Orange Bitters. Carefully crafted to add depth and complexity, this aromatic blend of natural orange essence and botanicals lends a delightful zest to your mixology creations. Perfect for both classic and innovative cocktail recipes, our Orange Bitters brings a harmonious balance and a sophisticated citrus twist to your favorite drinks. Unleash the full spectrum of flavors and aromas with just a few dashes of this exceptional ingredient.

Bitters are strongly-flavored extracts of herbs and spices, meant to be mixed into drinks a few drops at a time. Remember, just a dash will do!

To use, add a dash to any finished drink, whether it's a cocktail or a mocktail, and this versatile bitters will add an incredible "nose" to your drink.

We combine dried and fresh orange peels, bitter orange, gentian root and other herbs and spices in this small-batch versatile orange bitters.

Try it in plain sparkling water to see how it shines on its own or add a dash to your next old fashioned!

Product details:

INGREDIENTS: alcohol, orange peel, bitter orange, gentian and other herbs and spices.
40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)
3.4oz (100mL) per bottle

Customer Reviews

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Molly S in TN
bitters newbie here

I have never used bitters in my mocktails, and what a difference it made! I love the fragrance & added depth it gave my simple juice, sparkling water, & lime drink.

orange bitters

Added orange bitters in some plain selzter it was nice

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