Custom Six Pack

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The people demand more syrup! It's now possible to choose your own variety six-pack. Whether you're a triple Spicy Ginger kind of person, or a Rose Cordial, Mango Habanero, and Vanilla Rooibos folk- the choice is up to you! Now get six 12oz bottles for one great lower price. At $66, that's just $11/ bottle - over 20% savings! 

Oh, and did we mention all our syrups are now made with 100% ORGANIC CANE SUGAR?  

Thank you for continuously giving us your thoughtful feed back and happy flavor choosing. :)

Customer Reviews

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Suzanne Allen

I’m not a drinker, so I love to add these syrups to club soda or sparking water. I buy the large sizes for home and the sampler sizes to take to restaurants.


Everything arrived as expected, in great time, and each syrup was delicious. We use them with sparkling water to make sodas. Fun to mix them, too! Will definitely be making another purchase :)

Anne Fodor

Custom Six Pack

William Barnes
Flavor good, viscosity not so great

So though the flavor is good, its extremely watered down, not really a syrup as much as a mixer for stuff. Still looking for something thats more syrup then liquid for home made cola? This isnt angood fit. But it does make a good soda, just isnt concentrated enough to go very far, about 2 bottles of cola per 1 bottle if this.

Flavor: the vanilla undertone is very pleasant because it's not overpowering but pairs nicely to a kind of almond side note. Has an extremely slight spice but doesn't take away from the cola flavor like monin or aged barrel cola tends to. It really does let the cola flavor be the most defined; not a tripple cola or mr cola alternative? But a great mixer for dark beer and whiskey. Especially good with a mid to high level scotch.

Kelly Olmstead
Love this stuff!

Such a great, easy way to make soda at home and customize to your taste.

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