Sparkling Mockjito

Our mojito syrup is light and bright in this refreshing mocktail version of a Mojito, which features fresh lime and mint.

|  2 oz of our Mojito syrup
|  1/2 oz of lime juice
|  Lemon bitters 
|  Mint leaves and limes to garnish
|  Sparkling water

| Rim a tall glass with coarse salt⁠, then fill with ice.

| Add Mojito syrup⁠ and lime juice, then top with sparkling water⁠.⁠

| Finish with a few drops of lemon bitters.

| Garnish with a lime and mint leaves⁠.⁠

| Option to add a light rum for a 21+ version.

 Van Life is an exploration of freedom, whether in your back yard or the Sahara.  And exploring is thirsty work.  Enjoy this mixer as a mocktail, cocktail or soda on your next adventure.  10% of all Van Life Mojito proceeds go to the National Forest Foundation, to "engage Americans in promoting the health and public enjoyment of our National forests."  Please remember the leave no trace principles.

Add a splash (or ounce for the measurement enthusiasts) to sparkling water to create a refreshingly delicious mojito soda.

Pairs with vodka, rum, and an adventurous spirit.


Ingredients: Water (Infused with Organic Spearmint), Cane Sugar, Key Lime Puree, citric acid.

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